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Unlike the others we see whole picture and deliver solutions with right technical means. We do our job fast and with highest quality.
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Our clients are various size and type service, trade, manufacturing organizations which are willing to change current status quo.

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Our clients have acknowledged that current performance is too low, lack of work force requires more and more automation.

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Value proposition

We deliver performance improvement and automation all-round solutions to connect all levels: people – strategy – processes – IT systems.

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We increase profit, competitiveness, company health and performance indicators in short and long term, investment will pay back effectively.


Performance improvement and automation all-round solutions.

Advantes technologies Strategijų rengimas

Strategy development

Together we will create corporate level strategy, merger and acquisition strategy, IT strategy, monitor execution and consult to achieve your goals.
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Advantes technologies Procesų efektyvinimas

Processes improvement

Together we will enhance processes management, align processes with strategy, and improve performance of separate and all processes together.
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Advantes technologies IT sistemų diegimas

IT systems implementation

Together we will assess what system you need, we will select, purchase or adopt, implement, test needed system and train employees.
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Advantes technologies Programinių robotų diegimas (RPA)

Robotic process automation

Together we will identify processes including repetitive low value added activities, we will configure and launch RPA.
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Advantes technologies Užsakomieji programavimo darbai

Tailored programming

Together we can design, create and lunch tailored IT solution or we can offer qualified IT experts team at your disposal.
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Advantes technologies Mokymai

Training and development

Rengiame strateginio valdymo, procesų automatizavimo, inovacijų valdymo mokymus. Mokymai praktiški ir įtraukiantys.
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UAB “Advantes technologies”
Adress: Žvejų g. 6, Kaunas
Phone: +370 682 35808
Email: info@advantes.tech
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